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Tax & VAT Law

We in Svensson Nøkleby have in recent years focused our commitment on business. Good Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) advice is in many cases crucial to finding the best solutions for our business customers. At the same time, the tax and tax regulations in Norway are both complicated and constantly changing, and this places strict requirements for experience and expertise in the area. Good planning and good advice can give your business great financial and competitive benefits.

Our Tax and VAT experts assist companies, traders and public companies with ongoing tax and VAT advice and provide advice when planning and implementing transactions and dispositions. We also assist taxpayers in cases where the tax authorities are a counterparty.

We can help with this:
  • the purchase and sale of companies and business
  • appropriate organization by the development of real estate
  • internal reorganizations and capital changes, e.g. merger, demerger, capital changes, distribution of dividends etc.
  • change of company form (conversion)
  • generational
  • migration of business
  • use of foreign labor
  • preparation of response and complaints about decisions from the Tax Administration
  • procedure for all courts


Tax and VAT advice is in demand, and is necessary in finding good solutions for customers. In 2020, the value added tax advisor Odd Hylland came to us and we are now incredibly pleased that tax advisor Anne Taran Tjølsen has also chosen our company and cooperation.

Chairman, Bjarte Røyrvik