The first choice

Svensson Nøkleby is the largest business law firm in the region. Our lawyers are on hand when managers and businesses need support from external advisors who can see their enterprise with new and objective eyes. More often than not, the best solutions are closer than you think.  

Good advice – when you need it
Svensson Nøkleby's lawyers act as advisors and mentors to private and public enterprises and to private individuals. We aim to be your preferred choice and your trusted partner, whether your questions concern strategic decisions, day-to-day operations or extraordinary circumstances.

Team of advisors

All lawyers are different, with their own distinctive knowledge, experience and personal qualities. Likewise, all cases represent different challenges and issues. Therefore, our lawyers always work together in teams, so that we can offer you and your company exactly the combination of professional expertise and experience you need, for each individual case.   

More than the law

There is always more than one side to every story – and to every case. Most people find it difficult to see it from a different viewpoint than their own. Our lawyers are mentors to managers and businesses and can help you see a situation from a different perspective, to help you discover new solutions and new opportunities.