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Good advice is valuable

Anyone who has struggled with the anguish of election knows better than anyone the value of good advice. If you spin the wheel of fortune, close your eyes and hope for the best, you may have luck once or twice. But you never beat those who plan, process and strategise, evaluate and adjust and seek expert advice along the way. For good choices are based on good advice and not on chance.

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Human Service

Svensson Nøkleby is a modern law firm, through the use of  technology and digital solutions we streamline and ensure the quality of our work. But we do not provide digital services. When you write or call us, a human being answers. And in our meeting rooms you will not find any robots either. If you want a digital meeting, it is no problem, but you are also welcome to visit us.
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Ny Høyesterettsdom om en entreprenørs utbedringsforsøk avbryter foreldelsesfristen
20.01.2023 | Articles

New Supreme Court ruling on a contractor's rectification attempt interrupts the limitation period (Norwegian Only)

Siste nytt i arbeidsretten - januar 2023
10.01.2023 | Articles

Latest news in employment law - January 2023

Vi gratulerer Kristina og Benjamin som advokater!
20.01.2023 | News

We congratulate Kristina and Benjamin for qualifying as Lawyers!

Velkommen til oss, Kristoffer!
19.01.2023 | News

We welcome Kristoffer as a Trainee Lawyer!

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For Kristine Andersen Aasgaard the choice was always Svensson Nøkleby

From 1 January 2023, Kristine Andersen Aagsaard will be admitted as a new partner in Svensson Nøkleby.

Kristine chose Svensson Nøkleby for the very first time when she applied for a vacation scheme here in 2011. Since then, she has chosen Svensson Nøkleby again and again - as a trainee lawyer, as a lawyer and later as a senior lawyer and now as a partner.
Read more about Kristine here on the Home Page
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Haakon Løvaas Haaland is looking forward to the role of Partner

Haakon Løvaas Haaland is admitted as a new partner in Svensson Nøkleby from 1 January 2023.

Haakon began his career at Svensson Nøkleby in 2015. He then brought valuable background from public administration which has given him a good understanding of the processes in development projects. In recent years, he has particularly worked for property developers with planning and building law, district court and contract law.
Read more about Haakon here on the Home Page
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