Haakon Løvaas Haaland is looking forward to the partner role

Haakon Løvaas Haaland first came to Svensson Nøkleby in January 2015. He then had a background in public administration, as an adviser to the County Governor in Oslo and Akershus, where he had worked with planning and construction matters. He had also been a lawyer at Føyen Advokatfirma before he found his way to Drammen and Svensson Nøkleby.

In Svensson Nøkleby, Haakon now works with real estate, planning and building law, real estate legal relations/district court and contract law.

This is how Haakon describes his career journey with us:

- Svensson Nøkleby facilitates career development and gives employed lawyers the security and confidence to develop in the role of lawyer and adviser for the firm's clients. I would like to single out the skilled colleagues and the security and trust Svensson Nøkleby has given me for my career development.

The desire to become a partner has developed gradually for Haakon.

- During the course of development, it gradually became a goal to become a partner. However, the partner role must be suitable both for the company and at home. As a parent of young children, work/life balance is important to me. Presence at work and presence at home. Svensson Nøkleby has made it possible to complete a career from employed lawyer to partner with a healthy balance between work and free time.

Haakon is also very happy to become a partner in his own city, and is aware of what is expected of him as a modern lawyer.

- I am from Drammen, and working as a lawyer in a city and in a region where I have an affinity and local knowledge is motivating. As one of Norway's largest law firms outside of Oslo, Svensson Nøkleby offers exciting challenges and opportunities to work with different client groups within the areas of law in which I have specialized.

- The market demands competence and specialization within legal areas. In addition to legal competence, there is also an expectation that the lawyer has a commercial understanding. New technology provides increased opportunities for streamlining legal work. At the same time, the requirements from the market in terms of availability and customer handling are being tightened. Customers make high demands on reliability and availability. Svensson Nøkleby's company model is based on the assignment being distributed internally according to the individual's and the team's special skills. We are therefore well equipped to take care of the market's needs, both locally and regionally.

Haakon concludes by saying:

- I am very much looking forward to my new role as a partner in Svensson Nøkleby. In particular, I would like to point out that we have a very good working environment where team culture, well-being and the exchange of expertise between colleagues are central.

Chairman Bjarte Røyrvik is very happy that Haakon will become a partner.

- It is great to welcome Haakon as a partner for Svensson Nøkleby. He is well liked by clients, who find him trustworthy, thorough and commercial in his advice. Through his in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework for property development, he manages complicated projects and cases to the end for satisfied customers. Haakon is reflective and wise, and has high standards for himself and others. We look forward to the further collaboration with Haakon.
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