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Insurance and Compensation

Our lawyers have extensive experience with all forms of law of damages and insurance law, and we assist both the injured and the injuring party.  

In order to be granted compensation, there must be a basis of liability and a financial loss. Furthermore, there must be a causal link between the wrongful act and the loss inflicted on the injured party. Often, a disagreement arises beween the insurance company/the injuring party and the injured party about the liability for damages or the assessment of damages. We help ensure that the claims settelment is correct, we negotiate with the insurance company, and we conduct such cases before the courts on a regular basis. Our lawyers also have experience with compensation for fire loss and other forms of catastrophic loss inside and outside of business activity.

We will for instance handle the following matters:

  • Claims for compensation within and outside of contractual relationships
  • Claims for price reduction/compensation due to defects in a new or a second-hand property 
  • Professional liability (for instance compensation claims against consultants, estate agents and surveyors) and claims under liability insurances
  • Disputes regarding the interpretation of insurance terms, scope of cover and assessment in insurance cases
  • Reduction and recourse claims in insurance settlements
  • Product liability
  • Claims for compensation against public authorities, for instance claims due to invalid administrative decisions or procedural errors
  • Dispute resolution and litigation before the courts