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Contract Law

In Norway, the non-statutory principle of freedom of contract applies. This means that anybody can choose to enter into – or not enter into – agreements with whoever they like, and jointly decide the content of the agreement. Modern business life is largely based on and regulated by various types of agreements, ranging from employment contracts to share purchase agreements. But contract law is also a matter that concerns private individuals who regularly enter into all kinds of agreements, concerning anything from the purchase of simple consumer goods to bigger investments, such as the purchase of a car, a house, holiday homes etc. 

Besides, Norwegian companies's trading with other countries is on the increase, and this means greater opportunities, but also greater risks. Our lawyers have sound expertise and experience with international trading and agreements and they are familiar with the pitfalls and challenges this entails. Through our international network, Eurojuris International, we also have access to qualified and efficient lawyers who can help clarify local matters, also internationally.  

We offer businesses a wide range of services within the area of contract law, such as planning, choice of strategy, reviews, help with negotiations, drafting and implementation of agreements/contracts and other forms of collaboration, such as agents, som agenter, brokers and franchise. We also assist with all forms of follow-up and disputes.