Jonas Melander

Jonas Melander was Vacation Scheme Trainee at Svensson Nøkleby in 2018, and he took up the position as a Trainee Lawyer in June 2020. From September 2022, Jonas has qualified as into the Business Law Team.

Jonas works mainly with company law, contract law (including lease agreements) and transactions.

Jonas is keen to find good solutions, and works purposefully to achieve this. He has good knowledge of the use of digital solutions, and uses these actively to make his work more efficient.
Company law
Contract Law

from 2022          Lawyer, Svensson Nøkleby
2020                   Trainee Lawyer, Svensson Nøkleby
2020                   Master Thesis, Svensson Nøkleby
2019-2020         Case Officer, Debt Collection Agency Conecto AS
2018                   Vacation Scheme, Svensson Nøkleby

2020                   Master of Laws, University of Oslo


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