For Kristine Andersen Aasgaard, the choice was always Svensson Nøkleby

Kristine chose Svensson Nøkleby for the very first time when she applied for a trainee placement here in 2011. Since then, she has chosen Svensson Nøkleby again and again - as a trainee lawyer, as a lawyer and later as a senior lawyer and now as a partner. Here, Kristine tells us a bit about the background for this election and how she sees the future of the legal profession.

- Svensson Nøkleby is large enough to attract incredibly good lawyers with whom it is good to play as a team when the issues become complex. At the same time, we are small enough that we know everyone on our team well, and that is important to me. That - together with the possibility of specialization - was decisive for me when I first applied here, and it is the same thing that makes me now want to join as a partner.

Kristine is currently associated with our property department, and in recent years she has worked with developers and with the organization of property projects of various types and scope. During her studies, Kristine specialized in housing association and owner section law, which she has a fondness for, and today she is our expert in this area. It comes in handy in real estate projects and when various boards in housing associations and condominiums need assistance. In our real estate team, Kristine is also involved in cases involving sectioning and resectioning, which is part of her specialist expertise.

Kristine has also thought about the future of the legal profession and of small and medium-sized firms outside Oslo.

- The legal profession has changed a lot in a relatively short time. I do not think it is possible or in the best interest of the client to be a lawyer who offers a little bit of everything. We must build specialist expertise to meet the market and customers' expectations. It is another challenge for many smaller law firms that you have to "focus on" specialization internally. This type of specialization has often only been the hallmark of the larger Oslo-based companies, typically those that are large enough to be divided into specialist departments. But here at Svensson Nøkleby, we have been doing the same for a long time.

In conclusion, Kristine says:
- I feel lucky to now be able to help run a company outside of Oslo, which is equipped for the type of specialization that is necessary, and which has the opportunity to provide customers with high professional quality in advice. In addition, I get the opportunity to do it in a safe and good working environment, in the city I grew up in, which I like so much. It is quite unique to me. I am looking forward to the new year and new role!

Chairman Bjarte Røyrvik is very pleased that Kristine will become a partner.
- Kristine will be a brilliant partner for Svensson Nøkleby. She has built up a solid reputation as a wise, thorough, hard-working and service-minded adviser for real estate clients and boards of housing associations and condominiums. In addition, she is a clear and empathetic team player, who makes work processes good, both internally and externally. We are looking forward to the further collaboration with Kristine.

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