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Property Law

For private individuals, purchasing and selling a property is normally the largest investment they will ever make, and in general, it only happens a few times in their lifetime. It goes without saying then that it may be sensible to seek professional advice.

Naturally, the area of property law also includes businesses' sale, purchase, lease etc. of property. Besides, there are certain issues as well as laws and regulations that specifically apply to the agricultural industry, such as allodium, license etc. Svensson Nøkleby cooperates closely with Eiendomssenteret AS within this area of law.

Our advice is that both private individuals and businesses should seek advice early on in the process, for instance in connection with:

  • purchase and sale of properties
  • disputes in case of defects following purchase/sale
  • leasing contracts for business and residence
  • termination and eviction
  • zoning and building matters under the Planning and Building Act
  • development agreements
  • ground lease
  • converting properties into individual units
  • official registration
  • expropriation appraisement and other forms of appraisement related to property
  • land consolidation
  • agricultural law

Collaboration agreement with the National Federation of House Owners in Norway

We have entered into a collaboration agreement with the National Federation of House Owners in Norway, granting all its members 30 minutes free assistance and a discount of 20% on our hourly rates.

Please see further details here:
The website of the National Federation of Home Owners