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Family and inheritance

Many people would like to plan the distribution of their estates before they pass away, and it is becoming increasingly more common to make a will or enter into inheritance agreements. In particular, this is important for families with children from previous relationships as well as joint children, and where there are large assets to be distributed. For many people it can also be advisable to make a lasting power of attorney; that is a power of attorney that grants one or more persons the right to act on your behalf if you become unable to look after your own interests. 

Family law is about marriage, partnership and unmarried cohabitation and about the relationship between children and parents. In the Norwegian Marriage Act, there are rules regulating when you can marry or enter into a registered partnership, and how a marriage/partnership can be dissolved. Many people choose not to marry, however, and they prefer to live together as cohabitants. In that case, you need to know that there are few rules that regulate the relationship between cohabitants, and there are important differences between marriage/partnership and unmarried cohabitation. Therefore, it can pay to enter into an agreement in order to secure each other and yourself, in case of death or breakup.

Plan for the future

Have you any questions concerning inheritance, marriage/registered partnership, unmarried cohabitation or the relationship to your children? 

Too often families wait until late in life to plan the distribution of their estates. Our advice is to start early and seek professional advice, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises sometime in the future.