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Public Procurement

The regulations governing public procurement includes detailed and to a certain degree complex rules on how public authorities should proceed when purchasing goods, services and  building and construction works. A fundamental principle applies: All public purchasing must be based on a competition in the market to ensure that the contract is awarded to the supplier who can deliver the right goods to the lowest possible prices.  

We can assist with the following:

  • Quality assurance of the supplier's tender to ensure that it meets the principal's tender documentation and the requirements according to laws and regulations
  • Counselling concerning the principal's choice of procurement procedures and requirements in relation to the tender documentation
  • Assistance to principal/supplier during negotiations and in the evaluation process
  • Complaint to the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement or another dispute resolution

Complex regulations

The regulations are in the first place complex, and also constantly changing, and this means rather big challenges, not just for the principals, but also for the suppliers. We can assist both principals and suppliers with public procurement matters.