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Corporate Law

Corporate law covers the formation, the change and the closing down of companies, as well as rules about the company's assets, debt and organisation. Our lawyers have robust commercial insight and industry knowledge and can assist with the choice of company structure, group structure and organisation of the enterprise.

We also provide advice on board work and management, and on questions related to the relationship between various corporate bodies, between the company and its shareholders and between all the shareholders. Most people are quite unfamiliar with the area of board work, but as a board member you need to understand and know the framework that defines the role and the responsibility of the board of directors. In challenging times, it is particularly essential that the board is aware of its obligation to follow up the business and to act. Our lawyers regularly take on board positions with various companies.


We can help with the following:

  • Formation and dissolution of companies 
  • Capital changes
  • Conclusion and termination of shareholders' agreements 
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Internal reorganisations
  • Company's aquisition of its own shares
  • Purchase and sale of companies and business

Lawyers in our Corporate Law team: